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What Is Regenerative Medicine In PA?

Regenerative medicine is a type of medical care that helps patients with chronic diseases and conditions by restoring or replacing damaged tissue.

The goal of regenerative medicine is to create and implement innovative treatments to mend tissues and organs and restore function that has been lost due to aging, disease, injury, or abnormalities. In many aspects, the human body has the innate ability to repair itself. To get more details about regenerative medicine distributors in PA,  you may check it here.

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The main focus areas within the regenerative medicine field are:

1. Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

Tissue engineering is a strategy in which a biologically compatible framework is implanted in the body where new tissues need to be formed. 

When the scaffold has the geometric shape of the tissue to be created and the scaffold attracts cells, a new tissue with the desired shape is created. If the newly formed network is carried out during its formation, the result can be a new functionally designed problem.

2. Cellular therapy

Our bodies use stem cells as a way to recover. Studies show that when adult stem cells are collected and then injected at the site of diseased or damaged tissue, tissue reconstruction is possible with the right conditions. 

These cells can be obtained from blood, fat, bone marrow, dental pulp, skeletal muscle, and other sources. Cord blood is another source of adult stem cells. 

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