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What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault In St. Catharines

Women are sexually assaulted nearly every minute of every day in the United States. There is no age limit, and even if the actual act is avoided, violence alone is enough to traumatize you and embarrass you. Police services can be good at their investigations, but many victims remain vulnerable and somehow guilty after the crime. 

The number of unsolved and unproven cases, particularly in major cities across the country, grows every year, and the list of false accusations grows every day as overcrowded investigators scramble to get dangerous criminals off the streets. If this happened to you, do you know what to do?

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Reason for False Allegation

Sexual violence is defined as an act of sexual violence against an unwanted partner. These charges include rape, attempted rape, legal rape, assault with intent to rape, and sodomy. The investigation will examine the victim’s sexual history and, if possible, take a DNA sample. 

Anyone known to be from the victim association will be examined and a DNA sample will be requested. This is the standard operating procedure for any sex crime unit in law enforcement.

False accusations occur in cases where neither attack actually occurred or cannot be proven. Too often, couples will think about an overnight affair, or parents will make accusations against their adult boyfriend on behalf of an underage girl, regardless of whether they believe the sex is consensual or not. 

What to do if you are charged

When faced with such accusations, your first step is to hire an experienced criminal attorney. Cooperate fully with law enforcement, even to the point of eliminating DNA testing. Be completely honest about your sexual history when questioned by the investigator, as any doubt on your part could be considered your fault.