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What To Do Next When Filing A Talcum Powder Lawsuit

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after years of using the powder, you might want to file talcum powder lawsuits:

  • Find a lawyer who specializes in these kinds of cases.
  • Your lawyer will investigate your case and find the evidence to prove the powder plays a role in your diagnosis.
  • If the defendant does not want to settle or agreement cannot be reached, your case will go to court.

Much evidence has come to light recently that Johnson & Johnson knew about the risks of the use of powder. Companies could face billions of dollars in jury awards and settlement.

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If you use the powder for many years and have now been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you could potentially be the recipient of some of the settlement money. Contact an experienced attorney to help you get justice.

Some Examples Of Powder And Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

Recently there has been a successful lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over talc and ovarian cancer:

One important case was won by a woman’s family. She died of ovarian cancer after decades of use of powder. The jury awarded them $ 72 million.

It is also a victory for other victims such as that introduced internal Johnson & Johnson executive memo pointed out could be a risk of cancer using their baby powder.

Twenty-two women were part of a case that resulted in a jury award of $ 4:14 billion in damages and $ 550 million to compensate victims. Companies try to get the award overturned, but the judge rejected the request and upheld the jury and awards.