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Where To Go For A Fraser Island Camping Experience?

Throughout the country, there are hotels, motels, chalets and various other accommodation options available to tourists during their travels. With so much emphasis on luxury holiday packages, five-star resorts, and hotels, many seem to have forgotten the thrills and excitement of a week in a cabin or tent at some Fraser Island campsites. Forget mints on the pillow, room service, and hotel staff carrying your bags for you, a real Kiwi vacation starts with pitching a tent and grilling outdoors on a hot summer day.

Each region of Fraser Island has a variety of campsites that offer exceptional and unique experiences. Each region has something different to offer; Choosing a place to spend a week or two isn’t always easy with so many places to choose from. That is why you can browse online to know more about the place for camping on Fraser Island paradise or navigate


Located on Fraser Island, is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Scenic local bush with slopes and trails carved for climbing and ecotours and the sound of dolphin watching cruises; Marlborough has a lot to offer every adventurer. Blenheim’s award-winning vineyards and wineries are also must-sees during your stay. 

In summer there is no better place to rest than Fraser. The west coast city has it all with golden beaches, forests, and rivers. Surf, fish, hunt, walk, bike, and explore the city during your stay. Home to a number of exciting annual events. Enjoy the beauty of Fraser Island and camp in style.