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Why An Electronic Security System is Better Than Ancient Defenses in Vaughan

Before electronic security systems, homeowners had to defend their dwellings with pitchforks and swords, and later, with guns and other weapons. Even today, in remote, primitive areas, physical force is often used to prevent intruders from gaining entry.

Modern security systems differ significantly from ancient systems in that they can be armed when the dwelling is unoccupied, and can be disarmed remotely or with a set of enigmatic communications known only to the homeowner. If you also want to use security risk assessment visit

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Also, their emphasis on the electronic detection of intruders in lieu of manual deterrents is far more practical and less time-consuming. After all, most modern homeowners have a busy schedule and cannot be expected to devote sufficient time sharpening swords or boiling oil.

Furthermore, with oil near $100 a barrel, dumping it on intruders is an expensive proposition. By contrast, an electronic security system uses only a few cents per day to operate and does not generate environmental hazards when activated.

The best security systems use a thin wire or small magnet to detect when a door or window is opened. Unlike armed guards, these wires cannot be bribed, drugged or exhausted, and are impervious to weather. They are an excellent solution for any security needs.