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Why You Should Add Mushrooms in Every Meal

The antioxidant properties of mushrooms make it one of the healthiest foods we can add to our diet. Although they contain many nutrients such as selenium and polyphenols that are commonly found in plants, they also contain some antioxidants unique to mushrooms. 

There are 140,000 mushroom species forming mushrooms, but science is familiar with around 14,000. Destroy it to only around 100 species known for its benefits that promote their health. Only about six are known as extraordinary abilities to help the immune system. You can check out the best shrooms in Canada at

Most of us might have eaten this mushroom regularly, and they are very good low-calorie food. It is loaded with protein, B vitamins and vitamin D2. There are many ways we can get mushrooms in our food, like in pasta sauce, pizza, sandwiches, with meat dishes and various other dishes. They are healthy food that functions as a perfect complement for a variety of foods.

You may be quite familiar with the button mushrooms that we found in most of our supermarkets, but there is a whole world of delicious mushrooms that have more health benefits. Look at other varieties such as Reishi, Shiitake, Tail Tail and HimmatSutake. They have enormous health benefits that have become common for many diets in various parts of the world.