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You will be Surprised by the Things your Printer can do

printers Brisbane

Your printer sitting right at the desk inside your home may be printing documents, images etc. However, you may have underestimated about the fact that your printer is capable of doing more things than just printing out. These are some of the additional things your printer can do if you are not aware of.

  1. For Downloading Apps – Apart from printing documents, printers are also known to download apps. This is a new form of feature seen in new printer models but not in old ones. With this feature you can print things like calendars or crossroads. Moreover, apps like these are being introduced by app developers.
  2. For Saving more on Ink – If saving ink is your priority for your printer, then your printer can with minor things. In order to save ink is to go on the settings menu and select the draft mode. A great tip is to download and use the app called “Ecofont” which is great for saving on ink.
  3. For making Magnets –Your printer is a great source of offering the opportunity to save money by using magnets. With the use of correct settings of the printer, you can save additional cost of making magnets with ease.
  4. For Saving Files – Storage facility is seen in latest printers with the latest features. And there are those printers who are known to have a dedicated SD card slot which helps to store important files like documents with ease.

In Brisbane, printers offer some of these surprising things.