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Bed Bug Bites – Know About Treatments

Do you have red, itchy bites on your body when you wake up this morning? Well, I'm sorry to say there is every possibility that you have bed bugs and the bed bugs bite!

Bed bugs belong to the family of bugs called Cimicidaes – this is a blood sucking pests that prey on mammals and birds alike. If you are looking for more information about bed bug bites then you can check out

Close up of bed bug feeding

All the bugs are found in this group is similar to a reddish brown color, with females larger than males. Females will lay eggs in any cracks and crevices around the walls and floors of private homes, hospitals, nursing homes – basically any environment that they have been successfully attacked.

The eggs will hatch usually within four to five days and a never ending cycle of infestation begins. Bed bug bites are not always easily diagnosed and at times can be mistaken for other skin conditions or bites from other insects.

Reactions to bites do vary from person to person, and factors such as the type of bug, the environment and the type of skin play a large extent. There are rare occasions when an allergic reaction can lead to disease.

The most common effect that the infestation of bugs and bed bug bites has is one of anxiety and stress and many sleepless nights.