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Best Treatment For Melasma

Melasma is dark or brown in color, often present on the face, more commonly found in women than in men. Many pregnant women are patients of such a skin condition, which is why medical professionals have coined a "pregnancy mask" as a more common term for melasma.

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Best Treatment For Melasma

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Since most people are very particular in how they look; We cannot deny the fact that our physical appearance means a lot to each of us, people need to find the answer to the question: What is the best treatment for Melasma?

First, we must establish the origin of this type of skin pigmentation so that it can be answered appropriately for us and educated about the very best treatment methods for melasma.

Since the exact cause of the problem is not yet known, based on a study; The family is an important element to the possibility of causing the disease later. Apart from family, hormonal treatment of pregnancy and using contraceptive pills can also cause melasma.

Physicians, especially gynecologists, often advise pregnant women that these pigments will usually dissolve after pregnancy.

Imagine if you are not pregnant and you got melasma? Maybe you are a man and you are suffering from the same hyperpigmentation problem?

A dermatologist will perform various treatments, however, the ideal remedy for melasma is contingent on the type of melasma you own and its severity.

While research is still ongoing, many believe that the best remedy for melasma may be topical which will include hydroquinone (HQ) which is offered in different concentrations depending on your physician's discretion.

Another topical therapy may be tretinoin, which is nonetheless contraindicated for pregnant women, so it is largely prescribed to people and non-pregnant women.

Many people today go to derma clinics or perhaps beauty salons or even parlors instead of those who say that the best remedy for melasma is either through chemical peeling or laser.