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Breast Implant Removal and Revision in Dallas TX

Breast implant revision or removal is a surgical procedure that involves the replacement and/or removal of implants to correct various complications that occur after breast augmentation surgery. This treatment is also a means to treat results that are considered unsatisfactory. You can also browse for breast revision in Dallas TX.

In this article, we will outline this procedure in hopes of providing additional insight into the techniques involved. 

Although in most cases this is not the case, there are times when augmentation does not live up to the patient’s expectations. There are a number of reasons for this, including unrealistic patient expectations, poor implants, or improper surgical technique. Also, some women simply decide that it’s time to have their implants removed, or that the look doesn’t always match their cosmetic needs like it used to. Some cases show capsular ripples or contractures that make the area feel unnatural and hard while distorting the overall picture.

Some women are simply looking for a lifestyle change and choose to go through a process of removal to work with the change.

In addition, because of their relatively long life, implants are not designed to last forever. In fact, it is usually recommended to check increments every 10 years or so depending on the patient. This is to prevent leakage or deformation of the breast. Unless it is clear that deletion is unavoidable, revision is usually recommended. Complete removal without replacement will cause minimal damage to the overall appearance of the chest area. The tissue looks like a dimple and the skin stays tight.

To solve this problem, the breast that has undergone removal is usually bandaged and removed. Whenever possible, it is always a good idea to replace the plastic with a new set. 

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this type of procedure, it is best to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast revision.