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How Rain Gutter Can Protect Your Roof

Rain Gutters is often the most neglected part of the house. It is mainly because once you installed, it needs little maintenance. But these structures are very essential for your home and play a major role in the integrity of your roofing structure and your house in general.

The main function of rain gutters (also known as ‘รางน้ำฝน in the Thai language) is to basically protect the house from excess water from the rain. All the rainwater from the roof will be channeled to the gutters and through the downspouts water get away from your home easily.

What happens when your gutters don’t work properly? 

Excess water from the roof will accumulate on the surroundings of the house. This causes potential problems such as water going inside your house making carpets damp and can cause electric shocks and fire if water makes its way to the electrical outlets. 

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Houses with basements, could also suffer from excess water on the surroundings. Since basements are low laying areas of your house, water will naturally flow towards it making a lot of moisture and damaging the paint and other structures inside.

Rain gutters specialist explains that once the functionality of the gutters are compromised, excess water from the roof might seep into the shingles and damage it thereby shortening the life-span of your roof. 

How do you rid yourself of these risks 

Cleaning your gutters frequently will do the trick. Leaves and other substances might cause gutters and downspouts to clog and this would normally start the damage. You can hire the services of your trusted rain gutters installers to check the integrity of your rain gutters.