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How To Calculate Your Wine Investment?

Expensive wines are considered valuable items, similar to jewelry. Compare prices from other companies for wine insurance. Be sure to compare the deductible amount and the coverage amount to determine the actual value of your collection and the cost of the policy.

You should ensure that your insurance policy covers damage or contamination if you live in an area prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes. To know more about the wine insurance you must visit

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After you have added up insurance and storage costs, budget how much you want to spend. To calculate your total budget, consider the following:

  • Insurance and storage costs;
  • After subtracting insurance and storage costs from your total investment budget, you can determine how much wine risk you are willing to take on.

Be sure to include the electricity costs to run your wine coolers in your budget. The best way to calculate the estimated cost of electricity use is to check energy ratings of the wine coolers you are considering buying, and then relay this information to your electric company to see what it would average per month.

You can only purchase wine online from a state that prohibits you from purchasing wine directly from a winery, or through a retailer who doesn't have to buy wine through wholesalers. Find out about the restrictions that apply to your state before you start a collection.