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How To Do A Personal Bible Study?

There are various ways in which you can do a personal Bible study. You can choose one method or combine various methods described below:

Research methods

1) Inspired research: This is the kind of research you do when God leads you to study certain topics in the Bible, the Bible, or a particular section or subsection. You can get an online bible genealogy timeline via various internet sources.

2) Cover to cover: This is the kind of research that involves reading the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

3) Study by topic: This involves studying the Bible with a specific topic in mind. You can study topics such as healing by checking every place where the healing word appears in the Bible and learn more about the topic.

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4) Randomized study: This involves opening the Bible for every scripture and reading it. This type of method should not be encouraged, especially for people who want to do serious Bible study.

When learning, you should:

1) Have a good bible: A good Bible is one you can easily understand, It is wise to have different versions of the Bible so as to reference the holy cross as it appears in another version for a better understanding.

2) Have a good notebook to write down what you learn: You have to study the Bible with the hope to know God, ourselves, and others better. Hence the wisdom to have a good notebook where you can write down some of the things you learn when you study the Bible. Treasure your notebook and store it properly.