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How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye

If you're looking for a way to define your eyes, try Botox injections. This procedure is used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes. You can Consult Dr. Refresh team for healing, recovering and improving.

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Here are Six tips on how to get the perfect cat eye with Botox: 

1. Consult with a qualified doctor or technician. Make sure you go to someone who is experienced in performing Botox injections around the eye.

2. Be realistic about your expectations. Don't expect to look like you had laser surgery done to your eyes. The results will be more subtle than that.

3. Examine your facial features closely before scheduling your appointment. If you have any wrinkles or lines around your eyes, make sure they are included in your consultation so that the appropriate amount of Botox can be injected into those areas.

4. Arrive at the doctor's office prepared for an injection. Bring a picture of what you want your final results to look like, as well as any other pictures that may help in refining what is going on around your eyes (e.g., before and after shots of yourself with no makeup on).

5. Follow all instructions given by your doctor or technician during and after the treatment. These will include how long to leave the area of the injection and how to use medicine (eg antibiotics) at night.

6. Follow up with your doctor as instructed after your appointment by calling his/her office for an appointment date and time that you can visit the office again to check on the progress of this treatment.