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Power Of Information Technology In Business Transformation

The impact that Information Technology (IT) is increasing day by day everywhere. With the advent of the Internet, the conventional method of doing business has changed mostly.

In addition, the ever-pervasive use of the World Wide Web for a myriad of applications also fueled the growth of IT. There are many IT consulting firms are available in the marketplace.

Ensues globalization and the consequences that follow even more intense competition between business entities. Such is the eloquent testimony of the power of IT to transform your business.

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With awareness of the overwhelming impact of IT on the business, it naturally calls for a greater need to focus on a company's IT and strategic management. Of particular concern is the use of IT in strategic management.

In this view, the role of information technology has expanded, changed its role as a traditional information systems function to one which is increasingly becoming a common management's attention.

Three important concepts related to these observations should be given attention. This is strategic management, information technology (IT) and Management Information Systems (MIS).

The first relationship is between Management Information Systems and Information Technology. The traditional view of Information Technology is such that Information Technology is seen as a function through which the data is processed.

In this perspective, the system only serves the information needs of a wide range of managerial roles. Hardware and software support appropriate essential for this function.