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Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Yoga Retreat

Are you considering a yoga retreat? How do you know what to expect from your upcoming yoga retreat? A little foresight, research, and proper planning can turn your retreat into an immersive lifestyle experience.

Most yoga retreats offer online resources that explain yoga practices and teaching styles at their facilities. Since this is probably the most important consideration on your list, get the information down to the bottom. If you have read the article on the website and still have questions, please contact us.

Research is key. When setting goals, consider the long-term and short-term benefits of yoga retreats. If the program doesn't give you an idea of these benefits, talk to the coordinator.

Also, make sure you know the climate you're going to. Check and confirm all return travel information a few weeks before departure and of course cover your base at home and at work. Also, check the time before you travel.

It's safe to say that every yoga retreat has its own standards. Are extras like spa treatments, linens, blocks, and other classes included or added? You may need a small, honest self-assessment to ensure you meet the program's standards. 

The most important thing is to compare the level of experience with the level of experience stated in the program. Do you want to do an intensive program with 6-8 hours of yoga per day or 2-3 hours at your pace? Find our schedule ahead of time if you can.