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The Facts About Sexual Assault

Too often in the United States, sexual assault is a taboo subject that is rarely discussed in conversation or other formats. Unfortunately, due to the silence of this matter, many victims believe that they too should remain silent about the crimes committed against them out of shame and shame. 

Much of the sexual assault debate revolves around high-profile cases involving celebrities or newcomers to the sport. Women who frame these celebrities often get brutal treatment from the media and society in general. Rape is one of the few crimes in which the victim is attacked instead of sympathizing. 

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These cases are often so serious that the woman drops all demands to regain a normal life. When rape victims are attacked by the media, the cycle of guilt and shame over the attacks is exacerbated and more and more women go unreported.

What is sexual violence?

Sexual violence and violence is any sexual activity that is not approved by one of the parties. This can include:

o Sexual acts when one of the parties says no or is drugged

o Rape

o Attempted rape

o Child abuse

This form of attack can also be verbal or visual. Examples of contactless sexual violence are:

o Voyeurism – when someone secretly observes private sexual activity

o Exhibitionism – when someone is exposed in public

o Incest – sexual contact or behavior between family members

There are also a number of different types of rape. Rape occurs when the victim is forced to have sex against her will. The form of rape varies depending on the circumstances.