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Tips on Assisting an Import Company to Be Customs Compliant

If you are new to importing or want to work more efficiently with faster access to customs, you can introduce programs such as importer self-assessment. However, to qualify, you must be part of the C-TPAT – Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program. You can look for import customs clearance at for the importing and exporting business.

Here are tips to help ensure your assessment complies with customs regulations.

1) Make everyone on the team a part of the program. In an organization, everyone from top to bottom takes precedence over compliance with customs regulations. 

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2) Create a training program that demonstrates basic awareness of US customs compliance. Once you have set your goals for complying with customs, everyone needs to be aware of customs awareness and security procedures and guidelines. 

3) Run the program. This is a challenging aspect of the compliance process as an analysis of the various affected areas must be incorporated into implementation. 

4) Submit your compliance plan in writing. Standard Writing Operating Procedures (SOPs) are communication tools that companies must use to maintain processes, policies, and procedures that have all been reviewed with all parties involved. 

5) See indicators and audits as a way to monitor how effectively and efficiently they can be followed. Checking competitor companies for compliance is a great way to keep up with industry standards and make compliance a normal part of the business.