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Two-Sided Business Card Benefits

A business card is one of the most important pieces of marketing that you will develop for your company, mainly because it is usually the first part of your marketing materials that a new customer will see. One of the most debated points in business greeting card design is whether to print information on only one side of the card or use both sides.

There are many opinions on this controversy, and here are some that we hear frequently. You can also search for unique business cards to learn more about business cards. If you are looking for the best Custom Shaped Metal Business Cards, visit Pure Metal Cards. The arguments for keeping the back of the card blank tend to be that printing on both sides has the following disadvantages:

Not creating a space to take notes while networking: Many entrepreneurs work with a note-writing system on the back of the business letters they receive as they interact. They do this to remind themselves of the particular commitments they made or to refresh their memories of the conversation later.

Too much printing on the back can make this difficult or impossible. Glossy linings on the back of cards can also prevent note writing.

Rolodexes, small business card filing systems, and greeting card scanners – These are widely used in business today, and many models don't allow you to see the back of the particular card.