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What Is An Organic Wine?

The last time you walked into a supermarket without a permit and saw a wine that said 'organic', 'biodynamic' or 'made from organically grown grapes, were you wrong?

Organic wines must show on their label a certification body that has confirmed the organic quality of their products. You can also check for the best organic wine through the web.

Organic Wine

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There is a difference between organic wine and wine made from organically grown grapes. “Organic wine” must be made from certified organic grapes and bottled without preservatives. 

Most often, the primary preservative for wine is sulfur dioxide, which does not need to be added during processing to classify wine as "organic."

People with asthma, many of whom are very sensitive to sulfur dioxide, may find that drinking organic wine has additional benefits.

Today, organic wine is just a small drop in the bucket in the wine market. However, they are becoming increasingly popular. This process is called transformation.

Transformation is the process by which a conventionally cared for vineyard can be transformed into an organic vineyard over time. This conversion period is set at three years for vines, as vines are annuals, whereas perennials such as wheat or vegetables require only two years. 

The conversion phase starts only after all organic practices are adopted, so producers cannot use non-organic production methods once the conversion process has started. 

The transformation is a tough road for wine producers, additional documentation, certification costs, and the understanding that their yields and revenues may decline.