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What is External Rendering and When and Why is it Used?

Plastering the exterior of a house is a process in which exterior wall cladding, which is applied by hand and with tools, is applied with plaster to protect the bricks or beams from which the building is constructed. It is usually coated with paint or wall covering to protect the plaster surface from cracking or erosion. For more information regarding external rendering, you can visit this site –

If the exterior walls of your home are covered with plaster, it is necessary to take good care of the wall panels to prevent cracks and moisture from seeping through the plaster and into the home.

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Plaster on the exterior of a home is subject to weathering and erosion, and if the plaster is not protected by some kind of wall covering, problems will arise over time which, if left unchecked, often deteriorate and then become more expensive.

What is a house rendering?

Firing is a process carried out by the painting team where we cover the surface of the outer wall or with sand and cement, lime, or colored resin based plaster. It provides home protection, the amount of which depends largely on the service you order from us. We apply ordinary sand and cement plaster, but we always protect the plaster with a weather-resistant protective layer for the walls.

If your exterior walls are not plastered, they are probably “upright” with at least some form of weather protection, even if basic. If your house is made of unpainted bricks, then the bricks that you can see when you look at the walls are covered with some kind of glaze or coating during production that gives the house some protection.