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You can Make Your Print Materials look Expensive within Budget

Capalaba printers

Not many businesses desire to spend lots of money on creating print materials in today’s digital era. But whatever you invest in the materials, it should produce outstanding and impressive results. However, you can still make your brand’s printed collaterals appear high-quality by using inexpensive approaches. Go through these print production hacks to produce the best results.

  • Laser Cutting: This procedure contains burning, vaporizing, and melting the materials using various laser types. This technique can lead to intricate and delicate patterns. It is a perfect solution for custom projects, helping you create breathtakingly interesting materials.
  • Digital Foil: In this, metallic foil is bonded to paper with the help of digitally printed designs and pictures. It is a cost-effective solution that delivers a shimmering and beautifully crisp surface that conveys quality as well as luxury.
  • Spot UV: This method involves coating certain printed products with UV that makes them look different than the uncoated ones. UV coated areas get an interesting shine that creates a contrast with the rest area. The glossy appearance makes you feel the extra oomph in your print materials.
  • Embossing: It raises the quality and standard of the material by adding elegance to the final product. Various types of embossing such as registered emboss, sculptured embossing, blind embossing, combination emboss, glazing, and tint emboss are available. The tactile finishing provides a bumpy feel, raising the luxurious feel of the final product.

Besides, you can reach out to printers in Capalaba for more suggestions regarding how you can add value and elegance to your print materials.