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What Are The Applications Of Stretch Ceiling System

A stretch ceiling is also known as a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings with stretch are made up of two parts: a perimeter profile, and a light polyvinyl chloride membrane. The membrane clips onto a track and stretches.

It can be used on ceilings and walls, as well as suspended 3-D panels, wall murals, freestanding features, and suspended wall murals. They can be made in any shape or size you want.

There are many options for colors and finishes available for barrisol ceilings, including Matt, Satin, and Lacquer, as well as metallic and perforated for backlighting, lighting, and projection.

stretch ceilings

Recently, a range of non-PVC membranes was launched. You can choose from a range of finishes and colors as well as light diffusers. Stretch reflex is a type of mirror fabric.

For additional effects, you can print the material or paint it. It is waterproof, washable, and impermeable to vapor. It is non-toxic, maintenance-free, and hygienic.

These lightweight sheets can be cut from roll material. They are typically 50×50 meters in size. Each panel is welded to the track with a 'Harpoon edge'.

Commercial applications have great potential with suspended stretch ceilings. With the flexibility to make shapes and offer a wide variety of colors, stretch ceilings are great for commercial applications. These ceilings can be used to create amazing feature ceilings as well as flat designs.

It can be used in all types of applications: offices, supermarkets, and retail outlets, bars and restaurants, leisure centers and cinemas galleries, theatres and museums, churches, shopping malls, and many more.